For Healthy Liver


The liver, as it has more than 500 functions including the breakdown of toxins, biliary
development, and small molecules, is referred to as’ the father organ’ of the human body. Liver
safety is therefore very necessary and damage to the liver can be serious. Tejas 2 incorporates
the healing features of several herbs that protect the liver. It helps to cure diseases such as liver
cirrhosis and fatty liver, increases digestion, facilitates toxin elimination and helps preserve
healthy skin.



Blood stream degradation of toxins. The metabolism of alcohol and chemical toxins is also
responsible for it. It is a hepatic alkaline solution which emulsifies fats for proper digestion.
It helps to break down complex substances like carbon dioxide, protein and fats. It also
contributes to hormone development and metabolism. Liver safety is therefore extremely
important as damage to the liver can be serious. Tejas2 combines several liver preserving
herbs ‘ healing properties. It thus helps to fight diseases like cirrhosis of the liver and fatty
liver. It also enhances digestion, helps to remove toxins and helps keep the skin healthy.
• Long term liver protector.
• Protect liver by defending against inflammation.
• Highly effective for people with liver issues resulting from alcoholism or heavy diet.
• Provides the nutrients to a body after breaking down acetaldehyde that alcohol
Tejas2 has historically been used as an anti-inflammatory drug for liver and fever. It detoxifies
both the liver and blood while at the same time promoting cell growth and regeneration. This
essential organ is also enhanced. It is beneficial in severe conditions including hepatitis C and
liver cirrhosis. Hellebore is its common name. It is also used for detoxifying the body and
supporting the immune system as an anti-oxidant.
• Before breakfast per day with empty stomach
• Recommended Course – Minimum 6 months.

You can get this Tejas2 Ayurvedic medicine for digestion in a bulk quality to experience the best
wholesale rates. To Ayurvedic Doctors and Ayurvedic reatilers who are looking to natural
remedies for safe digestion, this unsurprising product is a great option.
Age Limits: Above 18+ age group use this product.


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