Joint Pain

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1- Reduces swelling and pain in joints

2- Remedy to stiffness of joints.

3- Negates the toxic effect causing joints pain.

4- Heals muscle pain as well.




Tejas +

Tejas+ provides natural treatments to help you manage joint pain caused by aging and arthritis, muscle and body pain caused by excessive exercise and injury. Tejas Ayurvedic articulated pain remedies and body pain are safe and effective without any chemical or artificial additives, made from the most high quality herbs.

Tejas + consists of an Ayurvedic pain alleviation powder that soothes joint inflammation and reduces any feeling of pain. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the Ayurvedic joint pain relief powder are known. The herbal pain alleviation powder will rapidly relieve arthritic pain and reduce inflammation. Ayurvedic medicines for knee joint pain, a common osteo-arthritis issue is commonly considered. Ayurvedic Body Pain Medicine to more rapidly relieve debilitating symptoms of arthritic disease and muscle wounds. This Ayurvedic baking puddle consists of five herbs, including menthol, camphor, thymol and eucalyptus.

The Tejas+ Drug for Ayurveda helps relieve and decrease pain from degenerative articular disease, arthritis and muscle injury. This Ayurvedic pain relief improves the quality of life by modulating the inflammatory response of the body, enhancing the joint function.
BENEFITS • It Helps to Reduces swelling and pain in joints • It Helps to Remedy to stiffness of joints. • It Helps Negates the toxic effect causing joints pain. • It helps to Heals muscle pain as well.

Ingredients: • Tejas S may help in providing relief from Joint Pain, Back Pain, Neck or shoulder Pain and muscle stiffness or sore muscles. • Experience natural effectiveness of Ayurveda and ancient wisdom with 17 Active Ayurvedic herbs.


The products of Tejas are produced in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science. Since these products contain only natural ingredients of proven efficacy, they are considered free of side effects and can be used to deal with a variety of arthritic symptoms over long periods of time. Age Limits: This product is used for only above 18 + Age Group.


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