Swelling And Knots


Ayurveda also sees a poor diet as a factor in arthritis and knee joint pain. Disturbed metabolism
and digestion also cause joint pain in vata vitiation. While osteoarthritis is not fully cured,
ayurvedic therapies and medicines help to relieve pain and swelling. Relax from all kinds of joint
pain with Tejas M.

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Tejas M Ayurveda offers a range of knee arthritis treatments. Such plants have reported the
anti-inflammatory effects of traditional prescription medicines without any adverse effects.
Tesjas M is important because the medication works very quickly and can penetrate skin
There are three different purpose which Ayurvedic treatments achieve
• Reduction in inflammation and pain
• Strengthening of muscles around the affected area
• Reduction in Vata (primary cause of pain as per Ayurveda) internal cleansing so the
efficacy of medicines is better
Tejas M Ayurveda has 100% ayurvedic articulated and knee pain medical care. Pirant is
formulated with extensively investigated and tested herbs, ensuring that inflammation,
discomfort, swelling, redness and rigidity are minimized. Even chronic joint pain is useful.
This is one of the most popular ayurvedic medicinal powder which is considered good for joint
pain relief. Twice a day you must give your knee a gently podwer for the impact. Due to its natural
ingredients it provides an instant relaxing sensation.
Tejas M Powder can not cure this disease, but evidence suggests that they can alleviate significant
symptoms, especially inflammation, swellening, rabidity and pain, of rheumatoid arthritis and
Age Limits: Use above 18 plus use.


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